Martial Arts Classes

We are pleased to continue offering traditional martial arts classes  in Sonoma!

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Classes are offered in the big room at 577 5th St. W in Sonoma at Yoga Community but, beginning January 1, 2022, we will be moving to 1247 Broadway, Sonoma. 

We offer a $5 discount per sibling (Master Morey will refund you if you sign up more than 2 students). Please pre-pay using the links below. Please contact Master Morey at 707-225-4829 with any questions.

We have mats, kicking pads and paddles, as well as nerf swords and nunchakus. We welcome students 4 years and older, including teens and adults. We will be practicing Taekwondo kicks and forms, Hapkido and self-defense, and weapons (swords and nunchakus).  Please see the class schedule page for the times.

At this point, all unvaccinated students must wear a face covering while in class.  The instructors always wear face coverings.

Parents are welcome to watch from the outside.

If you haven't already, please complete and return the Student Release and Questionnaire.  Please send to

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