Martial Arts Camps

We are pleased to continue our martial arts camps in Sonoma! We are now hosting monthly camps.

We can accommodate a maximum of 14 students and classes will take place at 577 5th St. W in Sonoma at Yoga Community. The monthly camps in April are Mon/Wed/Fri at $89/month, and Tue/Thu at $99/month.

We offer a $5 discount per sibling (Master Morey will refund you after the fact if Square doesn't--the joys of Square and Quickbooks...). Please pre-pay using the links below. Please contact Master Morey at 707-225-4829 with any questions.

We have mats, kicking pads and paddles, as well as nerf swords and nunchakus. We welcome students 4 to 12 years old. We will be practicing Taekwondo kicks and forms, Hapkido and self-defense, and weapons (swords and nunchakus).

All equipment and touch points will be sanitized per Sonoma requirements and both the students and the instructors will wear masks the entire time.

Both doors will be open the entire time and we will have an air purifier in the room. Parents are welcome to watch from the outside.

In the case that we are unable to provide these camps due to the pandemic orders, your payment will be refunded in full.

Lastly (if you haven't already), please complete and sign both the release and the student questionnaire below and submit prior to the camp! You email the completed documents to


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If you haven't already, please complete and return the Student Release and Questionnaire.

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